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Water Fountain Wishes

Our entire museum and our entire brand, are always known for, modern and classical elegance!

All of our museum’s distinctive trademarks, our signature, our genres, and our style, are exactly who we are, and what we are known for! The Dow Museum of Fine Arts® always provides the most beautifully, sophisticated, and enlightening environment, to promote presence; and to feed your soul, the same way, that we passionately feed our souls. As you can see in our ™/® logo, our magnificent museum water fountain, is regally centered in our stately and grand, private front courtyard. Located in our lovely front entrance; it’s one of our first distinctive trademarks you see, as you enter our museum premises, online.

                                                 “You may make Your Special Wish, at this very moment!”

“We Encourage you, to think of your personal wish, and to ‘visualize’, tossing your lucky coin in our Museum Water Fountain, to make Your Wish Come True!”

Be Intentional, and Be ‘Present’, as you think of only wishes with good karma and good intentions.

                                                     You may also send your personal wish to:


                                                                                or to:


                                                                     or you may write to:

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                                                                        Tiburon, CA


                                                               God Bless You Always!

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