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The Dow Museum of Fine Arts® is our very large, privately owned, multi-dimentional,
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“Our Steadfast Commitment, and Our Life’s Purpose, is to Paint, and Film, The Entire World’s Landscape,
a more Beautiful, more Positive, and much more Loving Place, to ‘Be’!”
“We are Expert Storytellers and Filmmakers, in literally everything that we create, paint, design, write, storyboard, direct, shoot, edit, or film!”
“We’ve dedicated our entire lives, to telling incredible stories, in all areas of, Fine Arts and Entertainment!”
“Our entire Fine Arts and Entertainment Museum, will Immerse You! Captivate You!
And take Your Breath Away!”
“The Dow Museum of Fine Arts® promotes divine presence, and divine love;
teaching elegance, beauty, and refinement, internally and externally!”
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