Welcome to: The Dow Museum of Fine Arts®

Let us take a fun moment, to introduce you, to Our Museum Visionary, Creator, Innovator, Artist, Filmmaker, and Entrepreneur!

Her entire life has been dedicated, in all areas, of Fine Arts and Entertainment!                                  

A Refined, Cultured, Passionate, Talented, Disciplined, and Extremely Creative life, of Dance, Art, Painting, Film, Motion Pictures & Television, and Music!

She is born from generations of, Sophisticated, and Extremely Talented, Eternal Optimists! 

Her effervescence and positive energy, instantly brings out, the very best in everyone!

She makes Everyone Laugh and Smile, All Day Long!

Everyone loves working with her, and just being around her!

With so many Decades, and an entire Lifetime of Talents, beginning on the East Coast, in Massachusetts, in the Greater Boston area, the Boston Metropolitan area, and Manchester New Hampshire, and all throughout beautiful New England; and now of course on the West Coast, for decades, in the amazing San Francisco Bay Area, in gorgeous California, these aren’t in any particular order; so we will begin locally, with the awesome and amazing, prestigious, and highly acclaimed, 

The Academy of Art University®, in San Francisco, CA!

The Academy of Art University®, is the largest Private, Fine Arts / and Art School in the Country!

Earning her Bachelor of Fine Arts, in Motion Pictures & Television!

It’s a very exciting and intense 4 and 1/2 year Professional Academic Curriculum! So she lived in Nob Hill in San Francisco, within walking distance to school, during her entire Academy of Art University® college career. Where she began as a Freshman, and graduated at Senior Graduation with her BFA and High Honors. She was always a Full-Time, Motion Pictures & Television student, at the Academy of Art University®, and she also worked full-time to support herself during college. Talent, Discipline and Dedication!

This is one of the Best Motion Pictures & Television Schools in the Country! The Motion Pictures & Television faculty department, has the top industry professionals, who inspire, and teach students, to develop their unique gifts and talents! Fostering creativity and independence in filmmaking as an art, with the practical aspects of filmmaking as a business! A cutting-edge Film School and Television School, with state-of-the-art equipment, and professional hands-on experience, that stands above the rest! The Motion Pictures & Television department, and The Motion Pictures & Television Faculty/and Professors, are the Best of the Best!

“The Academy of Art University®, and The Board of Directors, on Recommendation of The Faculty, And By Virtue of The Authority Vested in Them By The State of California, Have Conferred Upon Robin Dow

The Degree Of, Bachelor of Fine Arts, in all areas of, Motion Pictures & Television, From The Academy of Art University®, in San Francisco, California.

Together With All The Rights, Honors, And Privileges Pertaining Thereto.”

Areas of Motion Pictures & Television Expertise/and The Academy of Art University®, Professional 4 and 1/2 year Academic Curriculum Requirements, and Accomplishments. Directing, Producing, Cinematography, Cinematic Storytelling, Screenwriting, Screenwriting for Feature Films, Screenwriting for Television, Ghostwriting, Story Development, Script Breakdown and Blocking, Script Doctor, Story Boards, Editing, Sound, Post Production, Sound Design, Sound: Foley and Effects, Sound: Location/Production, Set Design/Production Design, Lighting, Music, Multi-Track Mix/ADR, Non-Linear Computer Editing, History of Film, Motion Picture Theory and Style, Motion Picture Language, Special Effects, Editing: Advanced Color Correction, Unit Production Management, Romantic Comedies, Romantic Dramas, Documentary Filmmaking, Experimental Filmmaking, Short Films, Story Boards, Movie Trailers, Commercials, Art Director, Casting, Animation, and many more.

Earning her Bachelor of Fine Arts, in all areas of, Motion Pictures & Television!
Graduating with High Honors, from The Academy of Art University®, in San Francisco, California! 

A Perfectionist, and Disciplined, Academy of Art University Graduate/Alumni/straight A student!

Expert and Visionary, in all areas of, Filmmaking, for over twenty years!

The Academy of Art University®, is known for, Professional Excellence!

She was already prepared for such high standards of perfectionism and excellence, because you will also read below; starting as a little girl, she also trained intensely everyday with discipline and dedication as a dancer, collectively, for over thirty years. And that dedication and discipline is always a part of her life, for the past four decades; because she still, works-out every day! She has always been extremely disciplined and very hard-working! She has always been used to, being so busy, wearing so many hats, and living all of her passions at the same time! That’s how she was raised!

A Students entire Professional Academy of Art University’s® Career, starts their very first day of freshman year, with professionalism and expertise, all the way up until senior graduation! And all of those years, they work professionally with the top industry professionals, in a state-of-the-art, and cutting-edge environment! 

After many years of hard work, studying, and hands-on experience, and throughout a student’s entire Academy of Art University’s®, Highest Level Formal Education. They are completely prepared, for a fast-paced, demanding, and intense workload, to meet deadlines, work with top industry professionals, and to understand such a cutting-edge industry! 

The Academy of Art University’s®, entire Motion Pictures & Television Curriculum, is the Best of the Best! 

The Academy of Art University® Alumni Association, is very Professional, and also, very much like a Family!

After all of these years, she now has over Twenty Years Experience and Expertise, in all areas of Motion Pictures & Television! And she is a very Proud Member, of The Academy of Art University’s® Alumni Association! 

Her formal education, formal and professional background, talents and expertise, are always passionately included, in everything that she does! 

A Master Fine Artist, Painting and Drawing her entire life, even as a child; we have four decades of her lifetime, of her original fine art masterpieces, fine art paintings, various artworks, fine art drawings, and many more! She also has over Thirty Years, Collectively, of Experience, Formal Education and Experience, Private Art School and University Education, Experience, and Expertise, in Fine Art Painting, Fine Art Oil Painting, Fine Art Acrylic Painting, Art History, Museum Studies, Museum Curatorial Studies, Museum Exhibitions and Collections. She also has years of formal education and disciplined practice in, Illustrations, Drawings, Sketching, Pen-and-Ink, and Calligraphy; she also studied Feng Shui and Interior Feng Shui Designs, and Architectural and Interior Designs, with decades of experience, and formal education and disciplines. She studied Graphology (also known as, Handwriting Analysis), Expert and Education, in Graphic Arts and Design, Visual Arts, Mixedmedia, and all other areas of Fine Arts. She loves studying, reading, and higher learning; and her incredible memory easily retains information. She’s gifted with a memory, that remembers literally everything. It serves her well, being that she had to memorize so many different areas of expertise, throughout her entire life! Fine Arts and Entertainment! She is also a sought after Master Fine Art Painter, in the World of Prestigious Art Collectors!  

A Visionary, Master Fine Artist, Fine Art Master Painter, Fine Art Oil Painting, and Fine Art Acrylic Painting! She will literally take hundreds of hours for most paintings, and thousands of hours, for her larger sized paintings! She is extremely meticulous, passionate, and a perfectionist, with whatever she is working on! She paints with certain thoughts and visions, storytelling, lighting, depth, perspective, texture, dimensions, and amazing colors! Her attention to details; and always being intentional, with every stroke, is extraordinary!

Museum Curator, Film Scholar, Professional Filmmaker, in all areas of Filmmaking, Fine Art Master Painter, Former Professional Dance Teacher; She’s a Director, Producer, Entrepreneur, Creator, Cinematographer, Fine Art Painter, Art History, Museums, Drawing, Illustration, Graphic Designer/Graphic Arts/3D Rendering/Mixed Media/Multimedia Arts/Logo Designer/Commercial Writer/Screenwriter/Ghostwriter/Creative Designer/Book/and Cover Design. Art Director/Set Designs/ Fine Art Photographer/Lighting/Set Designs/Location Scouting/and more.

Formal Education/Extensive Dance Background/and Professional Dance Teacher/Director/  Choreographer/Her Extensive Dance Background/Formal Education/Teaching Certifications/Dedication/Discipline/and Passion. Professional Dance Teacher/Director/Choreographer/Teaching Children and Adults. Over Thirty Years collectively, in Classical Ballet, Pointe/Contemporary Ballet/Toe Dancing, Tap Dancing, Modern Dance; and Ballroom. Ballroom Dancing/and Professional Ballroom Dance Teacher, Which includes: Waltz, Viennese Waltz, Tango, Fox Trot, Rhumba, Samba, Mambo, Swing/West Coast Swing/and East Coast Swing, Cha-Cha-Cha, Salsa, Merengue, Hustle, Flamenco, and more. Her Professional Dancing Career was a Passionate Love of her Life, but she is even a Certified Yoga Instructor, in Ashtanga Yoga! She also, loves running! (she even ran a Marathon, back in the day, for fun, but also because she enjoys training so much!)  Her elegant and graceful athleticism, is a way of life, her entire life! She does something athletic every day, for the past four decades! She loves dancing, but also loves running, (another Dow Family gene, for a sprint, or just for fun, they are all pretty fast, extremely athletic, and they all work out every day!); so of course she loves ashtanga yoga, strength training, cardio, elliptical machines, free weights, leg machines, abs, stretching, and cross training, to stay in tip-top shape! She loves working out! So she is always inspiring others, to have a great time too! 

She has always been, a triple-active type A personality! Her discipline, dedication, perfectionism, and drive, have taught her many valuable lessons in this lifetime! She knows first-hand, the human definition of ‘over-doing’ it, or working too hard! She is such an Eternal Optimist, she “Embraces and Endures” any Adversity, knowing it will continue to make her stronger, and better!

Her Endurance and Tenacity, has made her, who she is today! And she doesn’t plan on slowing down anytime soon! When people ask her, why she always works so hard, she always explains to them, how her entire family also works very hard! They were all raised for generations, with a very positive outlook on life! And living with very high standards, of excellence and perfectionism! It runs in the family, to “Be the Best ‘You’, that ‘You’ can Be!” Working very hard, is in their blood! And living your passions, keeps you very busy, every day!

In the future, we can also feature bio’s, about their very large, and extremely talented family! Of course many of you, are already familiar with the extremely talented, Dow family Genes! They have tons of family on the East Coast, in the Greater Boston area; Boston, Cambridge, Belmont, Ipswich, Malden, Gloucester, Marblehead, and Beverly, Massachusetts; Candia, Nashua, Bedford, Dover, and Manchester, New Hampshire, all throughout beautiful New England; even Rhode Island, Connecticut, Maine, and Florida, and throughout all of New York; and they of course have tons of family on the West Coast, in the entire Bay area, San Francisco, Tiburon, Mill Valley, Carmel, Monterey, Pebble Beach, Menlo Park, Palo Alto, Beverly Hills, Los Angeles, San Diego, Santa Monica, Long Beach, and many many more; Family in all of Northern and Southern California! Their family always says, that they cover the East Coast and the West Coast, because they all love, and need to be, near the water! So many of them joke, that they can only ‘visit’ the middle states they enjoy visiting; because, they All prefer, to ‘live’ and have their permanent residents, all along the East Coast, in beautiful New England, and on the West Coast, in sunny, warm, amazing California, to always be near the water, smelling fresh ocean air, every day! Although they do have plenty of family also living in some of the other very pretty states, for work, or residential preference, such as Seattle Washington, Oregon, Arizona, Texas, and Michigan, to name a few. The entire Dow Family, on the East Coast and on the West Coast, and anywhere in-between, are all, very happy, healthy, grounded, and down-to-earth, living their passions, all living meaningful and purposeful lives; inspiring others, and leaving their legacies, for generations to come!

We should have mentioned these other natural family genes above, but she also, has a Formal Education/and Extensive Music Background/Discipline/over fifteen years of lessons/practice, in Classical Piano/all Music Genres on Keyboards/and Synthesizers/Organs/she even played church Pipe Organs. 

You’ve probably enjoyed the opportunity to read, her colorful life, and seasoned background above; but it’s no wonder she became a filmmaker, cinematographer, and a screenwriter, because even when she was very young, she was always, a very busy, and extremely multi-talented artist! She was always passionately, writing, creating, painting, drawing, entertaining, making movies, editing, cinematography, even making music videos and commercials for family and friends! She was a born entrepreneur, with the talented family genes, that began in her youngest years! Living a booked schedule, and a very busy life of wearing many multi-talented hats at the same time, she was always dancing, every single day of course, her entire life, at the same time as everything else she was doing! While she was teaching dancing full-time, she also worked at a modeling and talent agency, for several years! She even was getting paid as a writer so young! She was writing really great radio commercials for companies, even at a young age! She was always very funny, highly energetic, extremely talented, and always very entertaining, even growing up! Her entire life has been dedicated to all of the fine arts and entertainment! It runs in the entire Dow family!

She was always very fortunate, to come from a highly intellectual, educated, sophisticated, cultured, refined, athletic, and extremely talented, family; that believes in doing everything, that you are passionate about! To always ‘Be’, who “You” are meant to ‘Be’! 

She has dedicated her entire life, and will continue to dedicate, the rest of her life, to Fine Arts and Entertainment!

Always Live Life Passionately, and Do what You Love to Do!

For her, Fine Arts and Entertainment, is Food For the Soul!

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