Our Museum Valentina / Jewelry Boxes




These enchanting refined shiny silver classical heirloom jewelry boxes, make the perfect well-chosen gift, for your most sophisticated and dearest loved ones!
The royalty from the heavens lands, in these magical renaissance keepsake boxes!
Admiring their divine everlasting beauty, takes you back to the periods of the King’s and Queen’s, and will inspire you, to feel their royal standards!
These magnificent treasure boxes, are captivating, with their romantic european design and alluring shape, the detailed scrolling pattern, artistically outlining the cover, and exquisitely bordering all the sides; it has four regal feet, with a majestic lion head at the top of each foot, and a decorative hinge in the back for easy usage.
These delightfully charming boxes are plated with nickel, to give them that polished mirror-like shine, and preserves it, so it will not tarnish.You can see your splendid reflections of your gratitude, every time you look at it!
These lovely endearing treasure chests are so stunning to gaze at, and a magical experience to open them!
The interior is beautifully lined, with a luxurious midnight navy blue velvet. (the bottom of the boxes, are also lined with the rich midnight navy blue velvet).
These keepsake boxes and jewelry boxes, add the perfect touches of romance, glamour, and luxury to any room!
Perfect for any dressing table, bureau, armoire, bedside table, side table, end table, coffee table, console table, and more.
This is an impressive and astonishing gift, of graceful elegance and grandeur; while serving it’s very useful purpose!
A perfect gift for your loved ones, or even to treat yourself; for storing and showcasing, your most prized possessions!
Being more intentional, when safekeeping our sentimental treasures, promotes presence, and raises our level of consciousness!
You can see, how this angelic Valentina heirloom jewelry box, will be enjoyed for many generations to come!
Overall dimensions: 6″ L x 5″ W
Color: Silver

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Weight 2 lbs