Adorable Silver Teddy Bear / Baby Cup




Our Adorable Teddy Bear, Baby Cups, make the perfect gifts, and collectibles!

As you can see in our darling photo, this adorable keepsake sippy cup, features an adorable teddy bear icon, on one side of the cup!

These classically styled cups, are charming, endearing, and heartwarming!

Proud and loving Parents and Grandparents, love to give them, and receive them as heirloom gifts!

Aunts and Uncles, Godparents, all Relatives and Dear Friends, always say, these make the perfect memorable gifts!

Big Brother’s or Big Sister’s, even love to give them, to show their love, and to start the little one’s keepsake collections!

These precious, petite, shiny cups, look so sweet, on the new baby’s, bureau or armoire, shelf or showcase!

It’s a 4 ounce cup, with a shiny, bright, silver plated non-tarnish finish, that lasts for a very long time!

The inner portion of the cup, is a plastic, removable cup, with an ivory colored sippy lid.

It is easy to use, but many customers, like to use them, as decorative, memorable, heirloom keepsake gifts!

To protect silver plated pieces, hand washing and drying, is recommended.

It’s also promotes, Presence.

Being Intentional, as you wash the cup gently, and dry with loving care; You will feel heartfelt Gratitude, for your little Angel!

They grow up so fast, so cherish each and every moment!

Starting their toy collections, and art collections, while they are a young, is an Adorable way, for them to live in a refined and cultured environment!

When they are old enough to understand, how to take care of the things they love and enjoy, you will see how sweet it is, that they take such pride, in their collections!

We love All of the Adorable Children!

Especially Adorable Children, that are Adorable little Art Collector’s, and Adorable little Toy Collectors!

Life is about being Adorable, and always having tons of Fun!

Always Laugh, Love, and have Tons of Fun, with All of the Adorable Children!

Petite 4 ounce cup measures approximately: 2.5″ H x 3.5″ W.

Length: 3.5000 Width: 3.5000 Height: 2.5000

color: shiny silver cup, with removable, ivory colored, plastic interior; and removable, ivory colored, plastic sippy lid.










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