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This elegant art glass vase, is a timeless classical piece, with a modern sleek design.
With its graceful form, and contemporary style, it makes a captivating statement in any room!
Each desirable piece has brilliant and deep shades of violets, blues, and greens, that can change with different lighting.
Being a fine art painter/and professional filmmaker, this particularly striking vase, reminds me of the fine art of cinematography lighting.
The colors illuminate from every angle, without the standard three-point lighting, but creating a similar visual effect, in my eyes.

Cinematography is often defined as painting with light; a discipline that is both technique and art combined.

Depending on where you choose to place this refined and dignified art glass vase;

You can create your own lighting color palette, using natural light coming in from the windows, shining a small spotlight directly, even dimming your chandelier; or just place it and let it “be”, the vase will shine effortlessly! 
Depending on what time of day it is, or how many windows or lamps you may have in the room, you will admire the luminous spectrum of color variations.
These make such lovely and prosperous gifts, because they are so stunning to gaze at!
It stands approximately 8″ H x 5″ W (these measurements vary, due to the uniqueness of each piece; no two are exactly alike).
Colors: Violet, with Turquoise Blue, and Green.

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Weight 5 lbs