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This breathtaking sophisticated art glass vase, is a modern and classical fine art collector’s treasure!
With it’s air of spontaneous inspiration, and free flowing design, it adds an extravagant statement, and brilliance to any room!
With it’s enthusiastic energy and shape; You can see, how it adds a burst of positive and joyful fun times, to your home and life!
Every time you look at it, you will smile cheerfully, and feel the deepest gratitude!
Each desirable vase, has magical vibrant shades of intense and dreamy colors, all dancing together, with bubbles waltzing inside!
Each unique piece, has it’s own individual variations of vivid turquoises, striking cobalts, whispering pinks, also, delicate and bright touches of fuchsia.
These magnificent colors illuminate from every angle of the room!
You can create any lighting color palette you desire, using natural light from your windows, or any indoor lamps or lighting fixtures!
There are numerous ways, you can display this elegant, awe-inspiring, handcrafted art glass vase!
It makes such an astonishing focal point, with it’s exuberant shape and colorful charm!
Your exquisite taste for fine art and beauty, will dazzle and amaze everyone!
You can place this striking masterpiece anywhere you choose; perhaps in your living room, or one of your main rooms; even to inspire, and enliven, your workplace interior!
You will experience more gratitude, happiness, love, abundance, luxury, magic, and excitement; inviting good fortune into your life!
Be Present. Live Consciously; Always Be Positive; and the reward, is a richer, fuller life!
Each and every precious day, is filled with meaningful gifts, prayers, and blessings!
This is an extraordinary and prosperous gift for yourself, or anyone who appreciates fine art!
It stands approximately: Height 11.500″, Width 5.750″, Weight 9.50 lb. (these measurements vary, due to the uniqueness of each piece; no two are exactly alike)
It is both, an Art Glass Vase, and an Art Glass Sculpture.
colors: clear glass with bubbles, turquoise, cobalt, pink, and fuchsia. 

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Weight 10 lbs