Our Adorable Furry Museum Mascots / with Adoption Papers / For Girls


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All the Adorable Kids, in the World, Love our Adorable Furry Museum Mascots!

Our Adorable, Furry Museum Mascots, are the little Furry Friends, you see in our photo, smiling, and saying, “Please Adopt Me”!

Since they are all such great friends, they all wanted to be in the picture together!

So we could fit them all in the photo, we took a photo with the girls! And a photo with the boys!

Adorable! Adorable! Adorable!

You can see why, we need to say, the word Adorable, so much!

Everything about this is Adorable!

Our entire Adorable Children’s Section, of our Museum, is absolutely Adorable!

The Adorable Kids, can choose from eight different furry animals!

And we have both, girl and boy, animal friends!

Dogs! Monkeys! Frogs! Ducks! Horses! Teddy Bears! Elephants! And Bunnies!

You can tell the difference, between the boys and the girls, because, the girls are wearing a pretty little bow!

Since we have so many, of both, boys and girls, plush stuffed animals for you to choose from;

You can pick your favorites, or, you can collect them all!

It’s completely up to you!

Some children like to pick their favorites, and some toy collectors, like to adopt all the animals!

The Dogs, are, Duke and Duchess!

The Monkeys, are, Joey and Judy!

The Frogs, are, Prince and Princess!

The Ducks, are, Sammy and Sunny!

The Horses, are, Henry and Helena!

The Teddy Bears, are, Bruce and Bianca!

The Elephants, are, Justin and Jackie!

The Bunnies, are, Peter and Priscilla!

We have so much fun sending these, little furry friends to you, because, with each animal, we provide Our Adorable Adoption Papers!

Each cute little animal, has a Name, Adoption Papers, and a Thank You Note;

that reads, “Thank You for Loving Me, and Thank you, for Adopting Me! I Love You so much!”

The Adorable Kids feel so special, to know; their darling, little furry animal, belongs to them now!

It’s so Adorable!

It’s so fun, to live in, such an Adorable World!

All the Adorable Kids, love them so much!

All Kids are so Adorable, so, we Always make sure, to only send them, Super Adorable things!

Being a Kid is so Fun, and always so Adorable!

This is the only section, of our Museum, where we can say, “Adorable”, as much as we want to!

Kid’s are always so Adorable!

And our Furry Museum Mascots, are really Adorable too!

Each of Our Adorable Furry Museum Mascots, make the perfect gift!

All the Most Adorable Children in the World, Laugh and Smile, all day long; while their carrying, their favorite stuffed animals!

Our Adorable Furry Museum Mascots, are small, and lightweight, to fit almost anywhere!

This mascot, fits perfectly, in bags, totes, carry-ons, backpacks, or cuddling in your arms!

Giving Adorable things, to such Adorable people, is what life’s all about!

Join in, on the Fun!

So you can be Adorable too!

Everyone loves to adopt, Our Adorable Furry Museum Mascots!

Laugh! Love! And Always have Tons of Fun!

Each Adopted Furry Animal, measures approximately 6″.

All of Our Adorable, Furry Museum Mascots, are wearing, Adorable, little black T-Shirts, representing our Brand, so Adorably!

And each Furry Friend, comes with Adorable Adoption Papers!

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