Our Original Fine Art Paintings/Museum Greeting Cards/6 Piece Gift Set




Our Exclusive Museum Greeting Cards, are always, our Original Fine Art Paintings, that we feature in our museum collections, and exhibitions!

Each of our exquisite, Museum Greeting Cards, Gift Sets, includes a magnificent 6 pack assortment, of some of our extraordinary, original fine art paintings!

Our refined and elegant, museum collections, are all, featuring our wonderful original fine art masterpieces!

This, is one of our, magical and colorful 6 pack gift sets; so you can also enjoy, our striking museum collections with us!

Our Exclusive Original Fine Art Paintings, are loved and enjoyed by everyone!

Our loyal customers, and our fine art collector’s, always tell us, how, our exquisite original paintings, are their favorite greeting cards to collect, and send to their loved ones!

Our fine art collector’s, actually have some of our original fine art masterpieces on their walls!

So they love to have the cards to go with them!

We are always deeply moved, when our loyal customers, and our fine art collector’s, are always expressing their heartfelt gratitude to us!

We love you all!

We’ve dedicated our entire lives, to Gratitude and Being Present! Fine Arts and Entertainment!

Everyone is so happy, to receive, any of our gifts, from our exquisite collections!

It’s our pleasure, to send our blessings, and warm wishes to you always!

All, of our Museum Gifts, are always sent with Conscious Love!

Our Exclusive Museum Greeting Cards, with Our Original Fine Art Paintings; make such perfects gifts, for all, of your dearest loved ones!

Our museum, master fine art painter, paints all of our masterpieces right here!

And depending on what sized painting she is working on; she will literally spend either hundreds, or thousands of hours, just for one masterpiece!

She is a master fine art painter/and a professional filmmaker, so her passion, discipline, dedication, and attention to details, are extraordinary!

And as you can see in our museum, she paints with divine presence, her meticulous and magical strokes of the paint brush, to paint the intentional story she wishes to convey; her visions, and her attention to details, her articulate thoughts, her creative imagination, her astute perspective, her intentional cinematography lighting she purposefully uses, while painting each exquisite layer of her paintings, to create important and certain depths, three dimensional aspects, magical effects, dreamy effects, intensity and passion!  

While always being present, her discipline and dedication, are always telling her incredible creative divine stories!

With her left-hand, and her perfectly chosen, perfectly sized paintbrushes, she intentionally chooses, for each intentional, meaningful, magical, and passionate stroke of her paintbrushes!

She is extremely meticulous, passionate, and a perfectionist, with whatever she is working on; she paints with certain lighting, depth, perspective, texture, dimensions, storytelling, using many paintbrushes and many paintbrush sizes, and rich amazing colors!

Her masterpieces always immerse you in the story!

All of her projects, embody her multi-dimentional talents, and extraordinary gifts; always in the most original and meaningful ways!

Her visions, are always extremely elegant, modern and classical!

Many fine art collector’s, love collecting her exquisite and extraordinary masterpieces, from her original fine art paintings collections!

Our entire museum promotes presence.

Greeting cards are so very practical, convenient, and a thoughtful gift, for yourself, and everyone you know!

There are so many things to celebrate, so many things to be thankful for, and so many hearts to touch!

Sending your loved ones, our beautiful original fine art paintings, is the perfect way, to show how much you love them!

These make such thoughtful and meaningful gifts; that will be enjoyed, and cherished, each and every day!

All of Our Original Fine Art Paintings, and Masterpieces, are always Painted Masterfully right here of course, by our Museum Artist!

Our Exclusive Original Paintings/Museum Greeting Cards, are 4″ x 6″, full color on our cover’s, blank white pages inside, so you can write your loving thoughts inside. 

Our Museum is always known for, modern and classical elegance!

Our Original Fine Art Paintings, come in a variety 6 pack gift set, assortment, for you to enjoy!

Be Present!

As you gaze, at our awe-inspiring, Original Fine Art Paintings; Be Present, and remember, that Our Master Painter, literally, took hundreds of hours, on some certain sized paintings, and thousands of hours, for her larger sized paintings!

It’s a Divine Heavenly Experience to look at them!

Feel the magic with us, and share your magic with all of your dearest loved ones!

We print all of our Museum Paintings Greeting Cards right here, in the USA, we use only the finest quality paper, with glossy UV protective finish, and non-toxic environmentally friendly printing methods.

colors: multi-colored

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