Our Museum Screenwriters Collection / Four Piece Gift Set




Our Museum Screenwriters Collection, gift set, includes four, large glass cups, that make the perfect gift!

These refined glass cups, are modern and classical!

This magnificent collection, is a perfect gift, for all, of your professional friends and family, that like to work long hours!

While you are passionate about working hard, isn’t it fun, to use your favorite lucky cup?

These cups are great on movie sets, for tech companies, all firms, corporate offices, entrepreneurs, small businesses, professors, even college students, appreciate them!

Everyone loves the size, and the refined, modern, classical elegance!

Even the refined durable quality, makes them so practical and convenient, to use every day!

These large, 20 oz. size, glass cups, keeps your focus, on any, of your professional work commitments, major projects, painting, writing, studying; or anything you are doing, that requires meticulous thought!

It will save you lots of time, to not be disturbed, or the need to refill the glass, because of the great convenient size!

This gift set, can be used, for all, your favorite hot or cold drinks!

Some examples could be, coffee, tea, all fruit juices, apple cider, hot chocolate, coconut milk, almond milk, soy milk, and any of, your other, favorite hot or cold beverages!

I’m sure some men, even love, to use their gift set, for beers, during football season, hockey, basketball, baseball, and golf seasons!

A perfect and thoughtful gift set, for all, of your friends, your employees, co-workers, and of course, your loved ones!

You can see how versatile, and practical, this gift set is, just by, the terrific large 20 oz. size, and the excellent durable quality of the glasses!

These glass cups, are so fun, and convenient to use!

Relax, with a nice cup of hot tea, or stay busy, working long hours!

This elegant clear glass, can remind us all, to be more present. Your mind, in a peaceful state, of clarity, and enlightenment.

The pure, transparent glass, can also symbolize, a clean slate, or a fresh canvas; to get your juices flowing, to write a great movie, or whatever you may need your intellectual, and creative, endurance for!

We all work very hard, and having your favorite lucky cup to do that, is an excellent way, to be connected, with your higher divine channels of creativity!

We hope that we can inspire you, to continue working long hours, towards, all of your goals and dreams!

You can be, a screenwriter and a filmmaker as a career, and write the perfect scenes for a movie!

Or you can start to be more conscious, and aware, in your own life!

“The angels write the script, and you write the scenes!”

The angels are always busy orchestrating, the perfect life script, for each individual, so you can write your own unlimited scenes!

“Everything is in Divine Order.”

The angels always give you many wonderful choices, opportunities, plenty of love, and a helping hand to guide you; and they also, will keep you, strong and protected, during any adversity!

We will all meet, many adversities in life; just always remember to be present, and, “Embrace and Endure!

We all know, each and every day, is filled, with life’s magical little blessings!

Always being positive, and always having heartfelt gratitude, will keep your happiness strong, even during life’s challenges!

You can have as much happiness as you want; because happiness is free, and happiness is available to all!

So to feel abundance, and rich with happiness, just keep smiling and laughing, all day long!

And you will be rich in happiness!

And you can share that wealth of happiness, with all of your friends and family; because there’s so much of it, and it’s free!

Happiness and Laughter are free, and they boost your immune system!

So the more you laugh and smile, the more you have to share, with all, of your loved ones!

Our Divine Museum Screenwriters Collection Gift Set, will bring You, Good Cheer! Good Times! Love! Magic! Happiness! Laughter! And Abundance!

Our Four Piece Gift Set, will inspire you, to be, the best that you can be, in everything that you do!

“Just be yourself, and everything, will eventually, fall into place.”

And of course, always made in the USA.      

color: four clear glass museum cups.

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Weight 5 lbs