Our Museum Playing Cards / Two Decks Gift Set




Our refined, and elegant Museum Playing Cards, are loved, and enjoyed, by everyone!

This sleek and sophisticated, Museum Playing Cards Gift Set, comes with two beautiful decks, of our playing cards!

Our museum gift set, includes, a white deck of playing cards, with gold and black; and a black deck of playing cards, with gold and white.

You can see the shiny gold, shimmer and sparkle, in different lighting and reflections!

We offer this exquisite two deck set, of golds, blacks, and whites; because all card lovers, always appreciate having two decks at a time!

Our entire museum, and our brand, are always modern and classical examples, of what we are known for!

This makes a very thoughtful, and meaningful gift, for your most sophisticated, and cultured loved ones!

Having fun, and playing cards in style, is what life is all about!

As you sit around the table, with your dearest family and friends; take a moment, to feel such heartfelt gratitude, to be surrounded by such amazing people!

Your beloved family and best friends, are your most important, and cherished relationships in your life!

Those hilarious laughs, those big hugs, and unconditional love, you always share, with your favorite people in the world; are the most important reasons, to celebrate life, and be truly thankful!

Rejoice, and tell them, how much you love them, before you deal the cards!

The wonderful people you surround yourself with, share the same laughter, love, and loyalty, as you do!

Take every precious opportunity you can, to let them know, how much you love them!

The elegance and grace, of our museum playing cards, will also remind you, to be present.

As you play your favorite card games, you may be trying to ‘win’; but the highest achievement, is reaching presence without words.

Everything in your life, is whispering, ‘”to be more present”, if we are only there to receive it!

As you play cards, with our elegant decks, you will always be reminded of divine presence, heartfelt gratitude, and unconditional love!

I personally, have dedicated my entire life, to share my passion and love, for fine arts, entertainment, and education, with divine presence.

This devotion and discipline, enthusiasm and love, is exemplified in everything that I do!

Which also explains, why, our way of life, is to have such a high standard of excellence, and perfectionism!

Being surrounded by exquisite outer beauty, while experiencing the inner beauty, to be fully present.

After you play cards, with our decks, we hope you feel more present, to every other aspect of your life, and to your incredible surroundings.

Such fun, and thoughtful gifts, are always treasured for a lifetime!

Our Museum Playing Cards, are always made in the USA.

 (each two deck gift set measures: 2.25″ L x 3.5″ W, for each deck of playing cards)

colors: 1 white deck with gold, and 1 black deck with gold.

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