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Our Darling, Prosperity Collection Wristlets, make perfect gifts, for your most sophisticated loved ones!

Our Museum Logo Wristlets, come in four elegant, classic colors!

You can choose, Red, Navy Blue, Black, or Chocolate Brown, from our Prosperity Collection Wristlets!

Each special piece, has a very attractive, fashionable, interior lining!                           

The Red, has Zebra lining! The Navy Blue, has Light Blue Floral lining! The Black, has Houndstooth lining! And the Chocolate Brown, has Leopard lining!

It’s very good feng shui, to have a lucky Purse, lucky Tote, lucky Wallet, lucky Overnight bag, lucky Weekend bag, lucky Carry-on bag, or lucky Handbag of any kind!

Our Museum selections, of Wristlets, Purses, Carry-On’s, Totes, Weekend Bags, Cosmetic Bags, Overnight Bags, and Handbag Accessories, are always fun, and always very lucky!

They are so elegant and practical, you will love using them every day!

Everyone is busy, and on-the-go! And our bags are everyone’s favorite!

So with so many places to be and attend; it’s nice for you to have stylish choices and options, that keep your outfit looking polished and elegant!

You can bring your purse/or handbag, or you can bring your wristlet!

Or you can put your darling wristlet, inside your larger purse, and bring both!

Wristlets are great, when you want the look of a wallet, with the best features of a purse!

For instance, the wristlet strap, allows you, to easily carry a wallet around your wrist, in the same fashion you would a purse!

And your day or evening, would be a lighter way, to carry your essentials!

They are so elegant and practical, you will love using them every day!

By itself, or inside your larger purse/or handbag!

It’s completely up to you!

Having unlimited options, keeps it modern and efficient, for all the industrious women, that love our accessory choices, or when they want/or need, to carry a lighter purse!

You will smile, every time you open it!

Each beautiful wristlet purse, is so fun to open, because the lining is also contemporary, beautiful, and fashionable!

This elegant, contemporary, litchi grain leather material, is soft, and very well-made, to last you, a very long time!

Each classic piece, is current and chic, for modern ladies, to accessorize in style!

It has a silver zippered closure, and sleek interior pockets, for safekeeping any of your personal valuables!

You can carry your most important essentials within arm’s reach!

You can use it for anything you desire, but some great examples, could be; for your ID, keys, money, coins, cards, make-up, lipstick, hair pins, barrettes, and/or, any, of your personal little necessary things!

Everyone loves these little zippered treasures!

You will be smiling all day!

Feeling so happy, promotes presence!

The zip around closure, keeps everything safe and secure, organized, and easily accessible!

And you will get so many compliments, every time you unzip it!

The interior is so lovely, stylish and fun!

These make such thoughtful, wonderful, and very practical gifts; because we all need them!

We send each wristlet to you, with all of our blessings, love, magic, luck, prosperity, and abundance!

Everyone feels great joy and magic, every day they use it!

Feel the magic with us, and share your magic and prosperity, with your loved ones!

Our Museum Logo, Prosperity Collection Wristlets, are loved by everyone!

Each Wristlet Measures approximately: 4″ x 6″. (so you can work hands free; it has a 12″ wrist strap, with a stylish silver clasp attachment)

Colors & Interior Lining: Red/Zebra, Navy/Light Blue Floral, Black/Houndstooth, Chocolate Brown/Leopard 

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