Our Museum Feng Shui Crystals




Our elegant, Museum Crystals, are so very beautiful, and sparkle and shine brilliantly!

Our Museum Feng Shui Crystals, are round, faceted, clear glass crystals, that refract light, and circulate energy!

Crystal spheres, are used for a variety of purposes, especially to attract auspicious energy!

You can hang many crystals, or, you can hang one crystal, it’s completely up to you!

Some people buy just one, at a time, and some customers, prefer to buy several of them!

Everyone that loves to hang them, in their homes; also love to hang them, in their work environments!

Creating excellent Feng Shui energy, will always improve, your living and work conditions!

It’s awe-inspiring, to watch the beautiful crystal, sparkle and shine brilliantly, in your home or work environment!

Crystals are usually hung in windows, or hung from ceilings, at specific lengths; to influence energy by, Attracting, Activating, Holding, Dispersing, and Circulating, the Chi Energy in any room!

Crystals work in many magical ways. Crystals can circulate energy within a room, creating magnificent rainbows of color, when the light shines through them!

Crystals can enhance your happiness and health, good fortune and luck, and bring many wonderful opportunities, into your life!

Crystals can be remedies, to slow down energy in staircases, disperse fast-moving energy in long hallways; Crystals can also stimulate stagnant corners, soften sharp edges, and many other, miraculous little quick fixes!

Some people, love to hang many of our crystals, for extra magic!

In Feng Shui, and particularly for this great year, it’s very good feng shui, to hang several crystals in your windows, and certain places in your home, or work environment!

This crystal, is one of the perfect feng shui sizes and shape, to send waves of energy, in equal currents, in all directions!

By following some practical feng shui tips, you can feel happier, healthier, and attract more love and success, into your life!

For those of you, that want to also live in a cleaner, healthier, environment, feng shui is good for you too!

Or, for those of you, that have that extra clutter, we just want to inspire you, and help you, to clear any, and all, of your clutter with feng shui!

You will feel amazing afterwards!

If you are new to Feng Shui, getting started, can be easy, when you start with the feng shui basics, and gradually move on, to the more complex feng shui levels.

We personally, have always liked everything very organized, tidy, and extremely clean anyway!

Having good Feng Shui, and keeping everything in meticulous order, has always been a way of life for us.

So for all of us here, we are happy and committed to maintaining the high standards, we purposefully set for ourselves!

Of course everyone is different, and has their own way, and their own free will, of how they choose to do things.

Always “Just Be Yourself”, but if you are interested, in what good feng shui can do for you;

We do enjoy guiding, sharing, and helping others, with any feng shui tips and techniques, that they, can apply to their own lives!

To help any feng shui beginners, get started successfully, here are a few steps to begin with.

The first step, is to live clutter free, keeping your home, and all, of your work environments, clean and tidy!

Clear your closets, by going through things; getting rid of items, you haven’t used in a very long time, or, if you don’t plan on using those items again.

That’s a helpful way, for people to know, what to keep, or what not to keep; clearing any clutter efficiently, will keep you moving onto the next closet, drawer, and so on.

Check the positive flow of Chi energy in your home, and, at your job/or jobs!

Hanging Fine Art masterpieces, or decorating with beautiful colors, such as, colorful vases/or sculptures, fruit bowls, heirloom pieces, or little adornments, are some great Feng Shui ideas!

Our Museum Gift Shop, has many colorful and extraordinary fine art merchandise, that adds wonderful feng shui to everyone’s home, and work environments!

We are always deeply moved, when our loyal customers, and our fine art collector’s, are always expressing their heartfelt gratitude to us!

We love you all!

We’ve dedicated our entire lives, to Gratitude and Being Present! Fine Arts and Entertainment!

Everyone is so happy, to receive, any of our gifts, from our exquisite collections!

Our Museum Feng Shui Crystals, are another, little, fun gift; that will instantly, make your incredible life, even more amazing!

You will see, that great Feng Shui, can actually feel like magic!

Our exquisite, Museum Feng Shui Crystals, make the perfect gift, for everyone that you know!

They are such a thoughtful, and very beautiful, practical gift; that will enhance, your home, or your workplace, with very auspicious energy!

Everyone loves to receive, such a lovely, sparkling, and dazzling gift!

We are delighted, to let you know, that, Our Museum Feng Shui Crystals, already possess a certain magical power for you!

The magic of excellent Feng Shui, is receiving things, from such positive people, and from beautiful places!

Our special Museum Feng Shui Crystals, are very auspicious!

It’s our pleasure, to send our blessings, and warm wishes to you always!

All, of Our Museum Gifts, are sent with Conscious Love!

This is a perfect gift, that will be treasured for a lifetime!

Our Museum Crystals, are a great feng shui size, 30 mm., 1-round inch, to do their magical work!

We treat each sparkling crystal, like royalty, by placing it, into a luxurious, rich, elegant, black velvety pouch, for safekeeping.

For excellent chi energy, and good feng shui, clean your crystals, regularly; or, at least twice a month, with salt water, or rubbing alcohol.

color: clear crystal

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