Our Museum Bookmarks/12 Piece Gift Set




Our Exclusive Museum Bookmarks, are all, Our Original Fine Art Paintings, that we feature in our Museum Collections, and our Exhibitions!

Each Exquisite, Museum Bookmarks, Gift Set, includes a magnificent 12 pack assortment, of some of our extraordinary Original Collections!

Our Refined and Elegant, Museum Collections, are all featuring, our wonderful Original Fine Art Masterpieces!

This, is one of our, magical and colorful 12 pack gift sets; so you can also enjoy, our striking museum collections with us!

Bookmarks are so very practical, convenient, and a thoughtful gift, for yourself, and everyone you know!

It seems we can never have enough bookmarks!

We have all giggled, and have all been guilty, of just tearing tiny pieces of paper, as a bookmark, or folding the corners over, to save pages in our books. We may find it funny or silly, when we think about it; but I’m sure you know, it’s not good feng shui to do that.

Being present, and being intentional, is a way of life; and it must be practiced even in the smallest areas.

Life is in the details, so even the purpose of a bookmark, should be used with intention, and being present.

That skinny little page you’re saving, should always be respected, because it’s just as important as everything else!

You will feel the difference, of only allowing yourself, to use our beautiful bookmarks, instead of tiny pieces of paper.

It promotes presence to be more intentional, raises your level of awareness and level of consciousness; and it’s always such a wonderful surprise, to open your book, and see our refined, and elegant, original fine art masterpieces!

We all love to read! And we all love beautiful things!

Each exclusive museum bookmark, featuring our original fine art paintings; will make you smile, and saving your pages extra lucky!

You will feel the joy and abundance, from this particular gift set; which includes, an exquisite assortment of 12 colorful modern, and heirloom classical, original fine art paintings!

Some people like to buy a few gift sets at a time, having plenty of books to fill; and being more intentional, they notice they can double, or triple their happiness!

To start your new conscious journey, while saving your pages in all of your books; which include, your bible, gratitude journals, dream journals, notebooks, college and/or university books, school books or text books, non-fiction books, or fiction books, magazines, or, any other various reading materials!

Our striking, elegant, colorful, vibrant, Exclusive Museum Bookmarks, are a very practical, purposeful, and delightful gift set!

These make such thoughtful and meaningful gifts; that will be enjoyed, and cherished, each and every day!

Feel the magic with us, and share your magic, with all of your dearest loved ones!

Our Exclusive Museum Bookmarks, are 2″ x 6″, full color, double-sided; We always print our Museum Bookmarks right here, in the USA, using only the finest quality paper, with glossy UV protective finish, and non-toxic environmentally friendly printing methods.

12 Piece Gift Set

Colors: Multi-Colored

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