Our Museum / Karma Candy Dish




Our Modern and Classical, Museum Karma Candy Dishes, are a sweet, and loving gift, for your dearest loved ones!

These elegant, modern and classical dishes, make the perfect nut, or candy dish!

As you can see, in our lovely photo, these magical, mouth blown, clear glass bowls, are darling, and exquisite!

The magnificent, refined pedestal, rests on the table, and holds the candy, like royalty!

This beautiful little bowl, is so unique, with its sleek, elegant, slightly slanted design!

You can comfortably reach your hand in, to take a piece of candy!

It’s very good feng shui, to always have a candy dish filled with candy!

It’s a nice offering for guests, to always feel welcome, abundance, and very happy!

Good feng shui, depends on good karma!

The main cause of life’s good fortune, is good karma!

So always be the best that you can be!

Surrounding yourself with all the people that bring out the best in you; and you bringing out the best in them, is very good feng shui!

Always be Positive! And always be Loving! And Happy!

Always tell your loved ones, how special they are, and how much you love them!

Having heartfelt Gratitude every day, and being loving, and kind every day, will bring you great karma!

Always be thoughtful, and doing wonderful things for others, and sharing, will bring you great karma!

Pray every day, all throughout the day!

Praying promotes divine presence, and conscious love. 

Using our special Karma Candy Dish, or Karma Nut Dish every day, is a magical experience!

You can fill it, with dark chocolates, candy, nuts, or any other, wonderful little treats!

It’s completely up to you!

We always love to send our warm wishes, blessings, and good cheer, to you, with each magical gift!

Having Lucky Candy Dishes, and/or Lucky Nut Dishes, are very good feng shui!

You can be sure, you will be receiving, a very auspicious, prosperous, Art Glass Candy Dish!

Our Museum Karma Candy Dish, is magical, super fun, adorable, and loved by everyone!

It’s an exquisite art glass candy dish, that is functional, practical, durable, and yes, it’s also dishwasher safe.

Length: 7.0000 Width: 7.0000 Height: 6.0000

color: clear

Additional information

Weight 2.8 lbs