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These magical, sweet, little heirloom keepsake boxes, and/or jewelry boxes, make such an adorable little gift!

For those that love, sleek and modern elegance, and classical refinement; even for the little things!

We all love adorable things, that make us smile, every time we look at them!

These charming keepsake boxes, and/or jewelry boxes, are small, so they fit anywhere; and make such a darling statement!

Perfect for any dressing table, bureau, armoire, bedside table, side table, end table, coffee table, console table, shelf, and more.

An enchanting little piece of heaven, that adds the perfect touch; while serving its very useful purpose!

Being more intentional, when safekeeping our sentimental valuables, promotes presence; and deepens our level of being.

Enlightenment and presence occurs, while appreciating and enjoying, any of our heirloom keepsake boxes, or jewelry boxes!

These endearing, personal treasure boxes, are so beautiful to gaze at; and a magical experience to open them!

This mini, modern classical, keepsake box, and/or jewelry box, has a brushed, non tarnish silver finish, with a classic hinged cover, for easy usage.

You can see your reflections of gratitude, every time you look at it!

The interior is fully lined, with a beautiful, luxurious, deep, rich, midnight velvet.

This makes such a thoughtful, refined, and purposeful gift, for all of your loved ones; or even to treat yourself!

Women can use them for rings, necklaces, earrings, bracelets, brooches, pins, watches, or any other sentimental, precious, valuables!

Men also love these protective, sleek boxes; so they can use them for watches, cuff links, tie clips, coins, mini valet boxes, and more!

Storing men’s special occasion/and formal events items, in our boxes, so cuff links don’t scratch, while keeping valuables organized; keeps them in pristine condition!

So this is a perfect gift, for a lady or a gentleman!

Our angelic Jacqueline heirloom keepsake box, and/or jewelry box, makes the perfect, heartwarming gift; that will be cherished by everyone!

Lovely, amazing, enchanting, and meaningful, all in one!

Measures approximately: 4.5″ L x 2.75″ W x 1.75″ H

color: brushed silver

Additional information

Weight 1 lbs