Our Museum Gratitude Trophy




Our graceful and refined Museum Gratitude Trophy, is one of the greatest gifts you can give to someone!

The Power of Thank You, Recognition, and Gratitude, shows how much we truly care!

The classical renaissance design, of this superbly crafted crystal, with a sleek modern black base, adds sophistication and affluence to any room!

There are infinite reasons why we should be giving out more awards and trophies to everyone we know!

As you read, you will see, my examples for the gift of giving our Gratitude Trophy, should be, for even the simplest things!

I am honored and proud to come from a highly educated, extremely talented, and accomplished family, of intellects, overachievers, perfectionists, educators, creators, innovators, athletes, and entrepreneurs, whom have all done plenty to be recognized for; but our family virtues, kindness, optimism, faith, and deepest gratitude, are why we also like to reward them, for just being themselves!

Appreciating and formally acknowledging the true essence of who they are; sweet, sincere, being grounded, consistency, loyalty, honesty, reliability, courage, integrity, patience, compassion, love, laughter, and genetic eternal optimism, are all deserving reasons to give a Trophy!

It’s as simple as saying, “I love you, for exactly who you are, and I want you to have this!”

Just being your authentic self, is the greatest gift, we can all give to each other!

Our special Museum Gratitude Trophy, is the perfect gift to express the highest acclaim, to your very special loved ones!

You know they deserve it! Let’s honor them!

People who are more grateful have higher levels of subjective well-being; naturally feeling more abundance of the heart, and are much happier and satisfied with their lives, and all of their relationships!

Positive thinking is a natural way of life, and being around other positive people, brings out the best in each other!

We always like to remind people with a hug and a giggle, that being happy is free! Being positive is free!

Smiling and laughing are all free! Always looking at the bright side of everything, is free and available to all!

There is plenty of laughter, joy, and love, to go around! Share and be generous with your Gratitude!

We know how much you love your most important relationships, this magnificent Gratitude Trophy, will inspire you, to love them even more!

They will be delighted and honored to receive such an extraordinary, lovely, and meaningful gift from you!

Our beautiful Museum Gratitude Trophy, will be cherished for a lifetime!

Made of superbly crafted crystal, on a sleek black base.

Measures approximately 9 5/8″ x 4 3/4″ x 1 1/2″

(this is a decorative piece; the lid is part of the trophy design, and does not open)

Color: clear crystal

Additional information

Weight 5 lbs