Our Museum / Destiny Bowl




Our Museum Destiny Bowl, makes a wonderful gift, for your most sophisticated, and dearest loved ones!

This stunning colorful art glass bowl, is modern and classical, graceful elegance!

As you can see, in our lovely photo, the incredible vibrant colors are swirling magnificently!

Symbolizing your destiny, and the many dreams, that you dream!

Always having beautiful bowls in your home, is very good feng shui!

You may use it for healthy fresh fruits, or as a decorative art piece!

Many customers, love to use it, for many other wonderful fun ideas!

We love to suggest putting your favorite fresh fruits, or displaying it, as your gorgeous art centerpiece, but there are so many wonderful uses; such as, nuts, chocolates, even cookies!  

There are infinite ways, to use our glamorous Destiny Bowl!

All art collector’s and all art lovers, love this magnificent colorful bowl!

Our Museum Destiny Bowls, always look amazing, as the centerpieces in your homes, or to enliven, your work environments!

Your true Destiny can be as colorful, as our Destiny Bowls!

Always Be Positive!

Always Be Present!

Having good karma determines your destiny!

Understanding the way karma works, manifests very differently for different people.

The experiences of mankind are truly infinite, and significant insights can come at anytime!

Some people ask, can we change our destiny, or, can we change our karma? And the answer is a resounding YES!

We all do have the power within us, to completely change our karma, our fate, and our destiny, but only if we want to; only if >we make the spiritual decision, and truly take the positive actions needed to do so. 

Life is always about making efforts!

Always strive to be the best human being, that you can be!

And you will have good karma, and you will be the driver of your own destiny!

The Angels write the script, and we write the scenes!

The Angels are always busy orchestrating each individual’s personal life script!

So as you live your life, always remember to be present, and write yourself, a very good scene!

Be the Best ‘You’, that You can Be!

All of our Angels, always want what is best for you!

If you are truly always doing the very best that you can, the Angels will let you feel and experience their Angelic helping hands!

Pay attention to their signs!

All of us have Angels watching over us!

They can always see you, and hear you!

So treat everyone with kindness, love, compassion, understanding, and respect!

This is the life we are in!

Live it with presence, and you will enjoy, a happier, richer, and more meaningful existence!

Happiness is free, and available to All!

So always laugh, and be happy!

Smile, Laugh, Hug, and Love, All Day long!

This is what life is all about!

So share your laughter, love, and hugs, every day!

You will feel our warm blessings and conscious love, every time you gaze at, your amazing Destiny Bowl!

Desc: 8.5 in. Diameter Destiny Bowl Height: 4.500 in. Top Diameter: 8.000 in. Weight: 4.50 lb.

colors: vibrant multi-colored swirls

Additional information

Weight 4 lbs