2 Adorable Coloring/Activity Books/with 2 Boxes of Crayons/ Gift Sets




This Super Fun, Gift Set, comes with 2 Coloring/Activity Books, and 2 Boxes of Crayons!

Kids love these, Entertaining Coloring/Activity Books!

While Children are having fun, laughing and being creative, while coloring; these books are also, very Educational!

As you can see in our photo, there are 2, great Coloring/Activity Books!

One of the Coloring Books, is titled, “Let’s Practice Good Nutrition!”

And the other Coloring Book, is titled, “Saving Money is Fun!”

We always love to inspire, all the Adorable Children in the world, to always “Practice Good Nutrition”, so this book is perfect for that!

And we also, love to teach all of our young, future generations, the importance of saving money!

Being intelligent about health and nutrition, and the value of money, even at a young age, will shape their future!

We always love to inspire, and remind everyone, to always have more gratitude, for everything in life!

Even all of the adorable children, love to learn early on, having heartfelt gratitude, for life’s wonderful moments, and precious memories!

Having gratitude, for the loving hugs they receive everyday, having gratitude, for making healthy food choices, and for the food on their table, having gratitude, for laughing and giggling all the time, or the funny joke they just told, having gratitude, for the nickel they just found, to save, in their piggy bank, or the dollar they just got from the tooth fairy; having gratitude, for their birthday they just had, and got a five dollar bill, for turning five years old; or having gratitude, for the lucky ladybug they watched, crawling across the living room floor!

Children love to be thankful, because they ‘feel’, just as happy, as we do, to give thanks!

We all know, each and every day, is filled, with life’s magical little blessings!

The more gratitude you have, the more abundance you add to your life!

You can have, as much happiness as you want; because happiness is free, and happiness is available to all!

To feel abundance, and rich with happiness, just keep smiling and laughing, all day long!

Happiness and Laughter are free, and, they boost your immune system!

So the more you laugh and smile, the more you have to share, with all, of your loved ones!

These great Coloring/Activity Books, are super fun, and make perfect gifts!

Kids can have tons of fun! And know how much we love, and always, care about them!

After the Child has tons of fun, laughing and coloring; at the end of each book, is a “Certificate of Recognition”, especially just for them!

It’s really Adorable, because the Kids feel so excited, that they just accomplished something!

2 Coloring/Activity Books Gift Set

Includes: 2 Boxes of Crayons

Product size: 10 1/2″ h x 8″ w


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