Adorable Pet Charm Medals




Everyone Loves Our Museum’s Adorable Pets Collections!

We All Love Animals, so your Adorable Pets should also be receiving our wonderful museum Presents!

Our Museum’s Adorable Pet Charm Medals, are absolutely beautiful!

We always say, “God Bless You Always” to human beings, and we also make sure, we always God Bless All of the animals!

As you can see in our lovely museum photo, Our Museum’s Adorable Pet Charm Medals, are shaped like an adorable bone, featuring the words, “God Bless My Pet” in elegantly stylish raised lettering, to compliment the design of the bone charm. And because we all love diamonds so much, there is a sophisticated and refined faux-diamond border, exquisitely set and designed, perfectly and meticulously, to treasure and last for a lifetime!

Your Adorable Pet will Sparkle like a King or Queen! And will always be protected by God’s holy white light, by being Blessed every day! And always watched over, by their Guardian Angels!

Our Stunning Museum Pet Charm Medals, are made of pewter, and designed to withstand even the most active of pets! Adorable!

Everyone loves our museum’s gorgeous pet charm medals!

They can be worn by a dog, a large cat, or other animal, by attaching to the pet’s collar.

Always sparkling brilliantly! Making the owners and the pets very very happy!

Tons and tons of Love and Hugs!

Our museum pet charm medals, are the most affordable way, to treat your darling furry loved ones like royalty!

Each magnificent pet charm medal, comes in one of our luxurious black velvet bags!

With their grace and elegance, and words of pure love, our museum’s adorable pet charm medals, always promote presence.

God Bless You Always! And God Bless Your Adorable Pets!

(you can understand why we love to say the word ‘Adorable’ so much!) hee, hee

measures approximately: 1.5 inches wide by 1 inch high.

color and material: pewter with sparkling faux-diamonds.