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Our Museum Logo Legacy Collection / Weekend Bags


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Our Museum Logo, Legacy Collection Weekend Bags, make perfect gifts, for your most sophisticated loved ones!

Our Museum Legacy Collection, Weekend Bags, come in two elegant classic colors, for you to choose from!

You can choose, Gray and Black, or all Black!

As you can see in our photo, how elegant, modern, and stylish, our Weekend Bags are!

These modern and classy bags, are made for both, men and women!

All refined Gentleman, and all sophisticated Ladies, love our Legacy Collection Weekend Bags!

These bags are so great looking, with their refined, contrast stitching details, stylish silver metal accents, and even sturdy silver metal feet, on the bottom of each bag!

The nice large size, is practical and roomy, to carry all your traveling essentials!

There’s also an interior pocket, for any valuables, and the covered bottom insert, lends the bag extra stability when packing!

The long adjustable, removable strap, and dual wrapped handles, offer several comfortable options, to carry this wonderful durable bag!

You can pack, any clothing, toiletries, traveling essentials, overnight necessities, and any other, personal weekend items!

This contemporary long lasting material, is a modern, luxurious soft texture, that is very well-made, to last you, for a very long time!

Stylish details are added, including soft litchi-leather material, and silver metal accents!

The top of the bag, has a durable zippered closure, to keep everything safe and secure, organized, and easily accessible!

There is also an interior zippered compartment, or security pocket, for safekeeping any of your personal valuables!

There are also a few side pockets, that are within arm’s reach, for your less valuable things, such as, a bottle of water, a magazine, a bag of nuts, or a bag of snacks!

These will be your favorite traveling, and on-the-go bags!

It’s very good feng shui, to have a lucky Weekend bag, lucky Overnight bag, lucky Carry-on bag, lucky Tote, lucky Purse, lucky Wallet, or lucky Handbag of any kind!

All of our Museum selections, of elegant, modern, classic styles, and variety of bags, make the perfect gifts!

They are so elegant and practical, you will love using them, for every weekend getaway, overnight trip, business trip, executive trip,
day trip, holiday trips, hotel and resort trips, wedding and anniversary trips, traveling, fashion bags, or fitness bags!

They are so comfortable and practical, they really can be used for everything!

Everyone is always so busy, and on-the-go! And our weekend bags, and overnight bags, are everyone’s favorite!

So with, so many places to be and attend; it’s nice for you to use Our Museum Logo, Legacy Collection Weekend Bags!

Our entire museum, our museum logo, and our entire museum brand, are always known for modern and classical elegance!

We always like to make sure you are traveling in style!

You will always feel rich with happiness, and smile every time you use it!

Our Museum Logo, Legacy Collection Weekend Bags, will remind you to be present!

Being present is a way of life, and should be practiced every day!

We hope we can inspire you, to be more present while you are packing for your exciting trips, and to be present, during your amazing travels!

Being Present, to all of life’s wonderful experiences, creates more meaningful memories, and incredible lifetime memories!

Have Fun with Us!

Be Present! Be Positive! Laugh! Love! And Live Life to the fullest!

Our Museum Logo, Legacy Collection Weekend Bags, make the perfect gifts for everyone!

With each bag, we always like to send our blessings and good wishes; for a fun, safe and healthy, magical trip!

Size: 12″ x 17″ x 8″.

Colors: Gray and Black, or all Black

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